We believe social and environmental change go hand in hand


Sustainability, Culture, Opportunity

At ReWeave L.A., three core goals run throughout our business...



To reduce the amount of fabric waste that enters landfills each year, especially from the interior design industry.


To embrace L.A.'s unique creative culture by designing and producing all of our goods locally.


To support our community by investing in job training for Angelenos facing barriers to employment.


Upcycling Process

Every ReWeave L.A. product begins as a pile of last season's fabric samples from the top interior design showrooms. Our co-founders personally sort through all of the materials and design each and every one of our products. We never throw away any contributions. While some pieces might not find a new home immediately, we are committed to placing every swatch within our patchwork designs.

We believe the integrity of ReWeave L.A. products are defined not only by the quality of their materials but also by the character of the people who make them. Our business is truly a community--from our partners to artisans to you, the conscious customer who values both luxury and sustainability. That's why we are pledging to donate 10% of sales to job training in the greater Los Angeles area.

Together, we can reweave the world one thread at a time.

ReWeave L.A. is proud to support